ANIMAREAL is a project to generate a new culture from World-class Japanese culture such as Manga, Anime and Game.
`Sentiment to imagine` and `To express it` These are primordial customs of human beings
and from ancient times to the modern days, they have been unchanged.

In this world, there are full of `fairy tales` and `world of fantasy`, and surely there exist people who express them.
For example, in ancient times, people used paintings and sculptures to feel `the world of myths` in more visual manners ,
and as a result, some realistic expressions were developed.

ANIMAREAL is a coinage combined ‘Anime’ and “Real’. In a nutshell,
We aim at drastic realization of Anime and Manga.
We believe that very many people are wishing to see the worlds of their favourite Anime and Manga in reality.
‘Having just fancied it but how is it like if it becomes real?
I want to see it!’ Itʼs a very strong desire so that it does possess splendid power.
‘How is it like if that characters exist in reality?’
‘How is it like if that scenes happen in reality?’
If we can see it even if itʼs just a moment, it would give us some unmeasurable shock and impact.

We create anew not as a mere live-action-version-making but as an art by consistent concept,
unwavering affection for the original works and technology in the highest standard.
We radically pursue this proposition and aim at the creation of the works
that convinces more than 90% of the fans of original works of Anime and Manga.

We love and appreciate the reputation that Japanese people are preeminent in creativity, technology and having good taste and believe
that we can change the world if we learn more of our Japanese culture and perform to make it more interesting.
We are going to bring out a brand new possibility from the `wonderful culture` of Japan.
We are confident that from that possibility, even `cooler` Japanese culture will be appearing,
and even more people will be taking action to make Japan more interesting.
This is the future we are heading for.

我々日本人は、世界を凌駕するクリエイティビティと技術、センスを備えた民族であると言われています。『ANIMAREAL』プロジェクトは、日本が世界に誇る文化である「漫画」や「アニメ」「ゲーム」 といったカルチャーから、新しい文化を生み出そうとするプロジェクトです。
私たちは、その点を徹底的に追求し、原作ファンの 90% 以上を納得させる作品を目指しています。
ACDC;02 BLD 5F,1-5-12,awaza,nishi-ku,osaka,550-0011,japan
〒550-0011 大阪市西区阿波座1-5-12 ACDC;02 ビル 5F


CEO / Graphic Artist
Ichiro Takase
Lisa Nakamura
Costume Designer / Make up Artist
Uno Masatomo
3DCG Artist
Naoko Takeoka
Make up Artist
Tadasuke Takegawa
Video Artist
Kousuke Nakamura
Costume Designer
Emiko Hikita
VFX Artist
Keiichiro Suzuki
Graphic Artist
Rie Ogawa
Graphic Artist
Shigehiro Fukuda
Acount Manager
Nanako Kitaura
Project Manager